How We Work



For those seeking a mix of value with some personalized coaching, our group option gives the student the ability to learn the curriculum with others in an online group setting, while still getting some individualized attention and support throughout the process.


For those seeking more of a custom coaching experience, our one-on-one option gives the student the ultimate in personalized, focused attention and support as they work intimately, step-by-step with an Oasis coach online at every stage of the process.


For those seeking to learn at their own pace and with limited assistance, our budget-friendly online option delivers the exact same curriculum and process, but in a self-guided, easy to follow, web-based video format.



  • In-depth assessments of the student’s personal pursuits & academic abilities.
  • Professional evaluation of all academic records & recommendations for high school coursework, summer activities & standardized test-taking plan.
  • Preparation of a customized list of schools that will support the student in accomplishing their desired goals.
  • Structured support with college research.
  • College visit plan.
  • Student preparation for the school interview process.
  • Advisement in all aspects of writing essays, personal statements & activity resume.
  • Review all admissions material & recommend timelines to meet application deadlines.
  • Discussion of financial aid options.


That’s why we use a very systematic approach to our coaching and curriculum to help keep students on course for a purposeful four years of high school.

Through our 156 page workbook, we provide a plan for every high school year of the most important tasks a student will need to accomplish.

We also provide them reminders to make certain they don’t miss any deadlines. With a little organization (and coaching), they’ll be ready to apply for college on-time, with far less stress.

  • Student Self-Assessment
  • Academic planning
  • Standardized Tests
  • College Search
  • Personal Statement Essays
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Search
  • Communications
  • Applications

The search for the right college actually begins with “searching” one’s self. In this unit, students will work towards creating a Strengths-Based Profile that will tell colleges what they are like as a student and person. It includes the following:

Self-Assessment, Building a 3D Profile, Social Issues Interest Survey, Personal Inventory, Goals and Dreams, Elevator Pitch, Community Service Checklist, Career Exploration and Informational Interviews, and Summer Planning.

High school is typically a very busy time for students. It is, therefore, critical to plan for a purposeful experience. In this unit, we have students create a high school plan and re-evaluate it each year to make certain they are on track. It includes the following:

Academic Planning Overview, Roadmap to Successful Curriculum Planning, and Creating a Four-Year High School Academic Plan.

Like it or not, standardized test scores continue to be a key variable in most college admission decisions. In this unit, we help students understand why and how colleges use these scores so they can make better choices in their college search. It includes the following:

Creating a Testing Plan, Standardized Tests Overview, Conquering Test Anxiety, and Test Goal Setting.

In this unit, we teach students how to exercise their power of choice. They develop their Key College Criteria and learn how to narrow their list of colleges to a manageable size. This also helps prepare families for more meaningful campus visits. It includes the following:

The College Search, Making the Most of Your Campus Visits, Key College Criteria Analysis, and a Parent Survey.

One of the key components of a college application that often causes the most stress for students is the essay or personal statement. In this unit, we explore coach students through all the makings of a strong essay that will reflect their strengths and personality. It includes the following:

Personal Statement Essays Overview, 6 Steps to Writing Your Essay, and Supplemental Essays.

This is often one of the (if not the) most overwhelming aspects of college planning for families. In this unit, we look at all the options such as federal, state, and college-specific aid, as well as student loans and other forms of funding. It includes the following:

Understanding FAFSA, The Financial Aid Playbook, and Financial Aid Costs and School Comparisons.

Students can be awarded scholarships for any number of qualities: grades, athletics, outstanding interests, and more. In this unit, we help students organize efforts to pinpoint their strengths and launch their scholarship search for those that match their criteria. It includes the following:

The Scholarship Search, The Scholarship Plan, and The Scholarship Tracker.

In this unit, we coach students through the often neglected skill of effective communication, whether verbally, written, or online. In this unit, we cover such topics as preparing resumes, professional email correspondence, and powerful online profiles to complement their interests and career development. It includes the following:

How to Create a Resume, Communications Overview, Effective Communication, and Making Your Message Matter.

Managing college applications can be a daunting task if you don’t follow a plan. In this unit, we coach students on how to track applications, essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts, standardized tests, and much more. It includes the following:

What to do Before You Apply, Up Close With College Applications, and Tracking Best Practices and Skills.