With the leadership and passion of Wilton Paogofie, Oasis is on a mission to create a “next level” experience for students and families when it comes to college planning!

Having served 15 years in various roles within the educational system, such as counselor, administrator, teacher, Special Education Director for both public and private schools, SAT/ACT Testing Coordinator/Proctor, and an NCAA Clearinghouse Coordinator, Wilton brings an unprecedented understanding to the challenges students and families face when searching and preparing for college.

It’s what we refer to here at Oasis as the “Passion in Compassion”, an unwavering drive to help our families lower the uncertainty, stress, and overwhelm of finding the right college where their student will grow and thrive.

Through expert coaching, consistent support, and practical resources, we provide a clear, unobstructed path forward so our student’s journey from high school to college is as smooth, predictable, enjoyable, and affordable as possible.



Wilton Paogofie received his B.S. in Psychology & Economics from the University of Arizona and his M.Ed. in Counseling and Education from Northern Arizona University.


He then went on to a distinguished career in education as a counselor, administrator, teacher, Special Education Director for both public and private schools, SAT/ACT Testing Coordinator/ Proctor, and an NCAA Clearinghouse Coordinator.


His ability to build rapport with students, families, college staff, and professional colleagues has been the key to his success both in and out of the educational system.


Wilton strives to balance professionalism with relevant factors vital to the college admissions process, which has allowed him to thrive in his role as an independent educational coach.


You may have noticed some language here, in emails, or on voicemails that mentions the phrase “By Referral Only”.

We are sometimes, therefore, asked, “Does that mean you only work with people who have been referred?” Absolutely not!

By Referral Only is a mindset. It means we are committed to spending 100% of our time guiding and supporting students, instead of searching for more business.

As a result, the families we serve enthusiastically refer their friends, families, and others they care about to us for this same level of focused, first-class service.

This is why our vision is to create raving fans who want to refer everyone to us for an unparalleled level of service.

So, as you experience this service yourself, will you let us know who in your sphere may also benefit from our coaching?

Your referrals are the lifeblood of our business and the greatest compliment we can receive.