Find The Right College With Less Stress & More Support

Our college planning coaching helps you identify, evaluate, apply for & select the right college to fit your needs, desires, interests & budget.



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For those seeking a mix of value with some personalized coaching, our group option gives the student the ability to learn the curriculum with others in an online group setting, while still getting some individualized attention and support throughout the process.


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For those seeking more of a custom coaching experience, our one-on-one option gives the student the ultimate in personalized, focused attention and support as they work intimately, step-by-step with an Oasis coach online at every stage of the process.



For those seeking to learn at their own pace and with limited assistance, our budget-friendly online option delivers the exact same curriculum and process, but in a self-guided, easy to follow, web-based video format.

why We Coach

create an unprecedented level of support for our families and students.


We exist to be a refuge & resource to families looking for guidance & support with the hectic & overwhelming process of finding the right college to fit their needs, desires, interests & budget.


We are not simply a placement service offering random assistance. Instead, we are personalized “coaches” guiding parents & students down a clear, predictable path that will lead to the best college fit where a student can grow & thrive.



"Wilton is a breath of fresh air. With teachers and counselors reinforcing traditional schooling methods as the end all be all of next stages for our 2 daughters, Wilton instead listened to what they wanted and provided valuable educational options which built confidence in their wish to follow their passion. At the conclusion of each meeting, they seemed more excited and relieved as Wilton guided them towards their best fit (cost, career, needs, wants, happiness). I highly recommend Wilton!!!"


"I really love that each month I'm getting myself ready for the college app process. Wilton is fantastic and keeps me in check. He also helps me keep track of everything I'm doing and helping me narrow down all of the available schools to help me find the best fit for me. I highly recommend Oasis College Planning and all they offer."


"Wilton has a wonderful ability to explain the confusing aspects of the college evaluation process as well as scholarship options in a very clear and easy to understand way. He brings a calm to the chaos and puts both parents and students at ease."


"Our daughter has been with Oasis since the beginning of her sophomore year and we just engaged them for our son who is a freshman. They tailor the needs to each of their students and keep them on track with regularly scheduled meetings. Oasis has definitely taken the stress out of college planning for both us as parents and our daughter. They helped our daughter find colleges that are a great fit for her and made her junior year very manageable. We highly recommend Oasis!!"


"Wilton has been fantastic to work with! Would highly recommend him and Oasis to anyone that truly cares about their children’s collegiate future."


"Wilton got to know our son, not just as a student but as a person. His individualized plan helped our son to focus in on the type of school that would best suit him. As parents, we were grateful for the partnership, support and input that Wilton also gave us. He was patient, kind and honest and we knew that he cared a great deal about our son. We are extremely grateful for his help."