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Oasis College Planning helps high school students achieve their goal of selecting a college that best fits their emotional needs, social interests and academic goals. We offer one-on-one personalized counseling and a simple, organized approach to the college search and application process.

Whether you are seeking high school class recommendations, summer program ideas, or extra-curricular activity options, Oasis College Planning can help students discover their passions and explore colleges with structured support and guidance.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Oasis College Planning was established by college consultants who have spent their careers advising students and helping them succeed in high school and college. Read on to learn more about the services provided to families and discover why Oasis is the right college consulting partner for you.

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Perform in-depth assessments of the student’s personal pursuits and academic abilities including the personality (MBTI) assessment “Find My Spark”, Youscience career and major exploration, and Corsava college fit factors
Prepare a customized list of schools that will support the student in accomplishing their desired goals and provide guidelines for college research
Recommend high school coursework, a standardized testing plan, extra-curricular enrichment and summer opportunities
Offer a plan for successful college visits and interviews and prepare for teacher recommendations
Assist and advise in all aspects of writing essays, personal statements and an activities resume. Review all admissions material and recommend timelines to meet application deadlines, including a discussion regarding Early Decision and Early Action application options
Discuss scholarship and financial aid options

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